Odd Fellows and Rebekahs Rose Float Tickets and Memorabilia

To order tickets, collectables and other memorabilia online, please select the item(s) you want from one of the pop-up menus below. You can change the quantity of the item in the PayPal shopping cart. Shipping and handling (S&H) charges will appear in the PayPal cart. For current year items, simply leave the year field blank.

Availability of items related to previous floats (e.g. pins and pictures) is very limited. Please email the float committee before ordering previous float items to verify that the item you want is available. When ordering previous float items, be sure to enter the year you are interested in before clicking the Add to Cart button. If an item is not available your payment will be refunded.

Float Pins (USPS flat rate S&H, order a bunch!)
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Three Link Magnets

Laser Engraved Ornaments
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Collector's laser engraved xmas tree ornaments, very limited supply, only about 100 per year. Please contact us for availability before ordering.


Postcards & Pictures (includes S&H)
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T-shirts, Sweat shirts, Golf shirts


(Very limited availability, almost sold out, please email to determine if your size is available before ordering)

Parade, Game and Dinner Tickets. Distribution is at float. Due to unusually high interest in the USC vs Penn State game, our allotment of game tickets is nearly sold out. Please contact the float secretary Roberta Prosk (rjgprosk@aol.com or 310-464-7140) if you are interested in tickets to the football game.

(distribution is at float)

Individual Program ($4.95 S&H per program)

Box of Programs ($12 S&H per box)

The Pasadena Rose Parade program illustrates all the floats in the parade, the equestrian units, the Bands, and volunteers involved in the parade. Your personal copy of the 2015 Pasadena Rose parade program will help you to more fully enjoy the parade as it happens with pictures and information about each entry.